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About Us

KWB Photography

Kyle Basile
Owyhee street Boise, ID 83706
  • p: (661) 492-6673
Kyle Basile a 24 year young Photographer from Santa Monica, Ca. comes from along family history of Professional Photographers, ranging from glamour, magazine and portraiture, to aerial photography in the United States Air Force. Kyle Has Acquired several Publications ranging from journals & books to on site recognition for superb photography, Journal: Taj Mahal, Website publications from Inkedmag, and The Riff. Kyle has also taken projects on from, and I enjoy every moment of what I do and feel I have chosen a career that I love, and because I made the choice to do what I love, I feel as if I haven't worked a day in my life.
I enjoy having the honor and privilege to capture a moment and time, we promise to create and capture a memory that will leave a distinct impression upon many. -Kyle Basile
  • 33 Miles(band)
  • Christine Buczkowski
  • Jessica Dawson
  • Rikki Altman
  • Aaron Matthew
  • Disciple(band)
  • Jessica Welton
  • Samantha Kaley
  • Alli Kay
  • Dizmas(band)
  • Johanna Spooner
  • Sarah Shields
  • Amy Hippach
  • Empire of light (Band)
  • Jonathan Eng
  • Sean Ching
  • April Eggers
  • Fireflight(Band)
  • Kaelina Schuellerman
  • Shanelle Monroe
  • Bree Dobben
  • Frito Lay(Company Saftey Day)
  • Korina Coloma
  • Shante' Morgan
  • Brittany Roberts
  • Hannah Ruane
  • Lauren Bietsch
  • Shaynelle Jiles
  • Brittney Gillis
  • Heather Wiggins
  • Lindsey Slabaugh
  • Storyside B(band)
  • Brittney Lea
  • His Coming Day(band)
  • Michelle Watkins
  • Superchick(band)
  • Chansen(band)
  • Jackie Gray
  • Neesee Vargas
  • Tara Matus
  • Chelsea Rockwood
  • Jacquelynn Stansell
  • Nicole Tetreault
  • Vanessa Morrow
  • Cher Kates
  • Janette Flores
  • Oz Balyan
  • Vianka Romero
  • Chris Foster
  • Jennifer Dezotell
  • Project 86(band)
  • Wavorly(band)